Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Two New Middle Bossier Completions

In reading through a few presentations from the EnerCom Oil & Gas conference, I noted a couple of new Middle Bossier Completions.  Interestingly, neither was reported by the operator, so I can't fully vouch for them.

  • Harlon Blackmon 25 #2, SWEPI, LP: 23.6 MMcf/day, unknown choke and pressure; DeSoto Parish, Trenton Field, S 25/T 11/R13; classified as Jurassic reservoir A, serial #240601 (in its presentation, Petrohawk referred to the well as Blackmon 26 #1, but that well doesn't seem to exist - I think this is the correct one)
  • Hazel Byrne Gas Unit 3 #1H, Berry Oil: 9.654 MMcf/day,  unknown choke and pressure; Harrison Co., Carthage Field; status #689135 
GMX Resources reported that it considers the Hazel Byrne well  a Mid-Bossier completion  based on TRRC filings.  The completion was previously reported on this site a few weeks ago, so I'm reclassifying it.  GMX is pretty excited about the prospects of this well being a Mid-Bossier because it is something of an outlier compared to existing MBS penetrations, being the only MBS well in Harrison Co., TX (see Mid-Bossier map towards the bottom of the map page).  If it indeed is a Mid-Bossier completion, it implies good things for GMX's acreage at a time when low natural gas prices is causing the Harrison County area to be  less attractive to investors.  

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