Thursday, August 26, 2010

A "Clean Coal" Ad on MY Site?!?

I was shocked moments ago when I checked my recently posted comments on natural gas prices and storage to see an advertisement on the site with a headline, "Our Future of Clean Coal."


It is an ad placed by, a nice sounding lobbying group  for the coal industry.  The site shows sympathetic images of people who work in the coal industry with their families and in other cozy settings.  One quote, "I'm essentially an environmentalist working for a coal mine."  Essentially???  It reminds me of attorneys who call themselves "environmental lawyers" but who represent reprehensible polluters.

I know there is a certain amount of chance when companies place ads with large aggregators, but I can't imagine a less friendly audience (or at least a less friendly author).  I guess I've written negatively about coal a few times recently, including the boondoggle of FutureGen 2.0, so it might pop up as an option, but nobody is as surprised as me to see an ad touting the fantasy of "clean coal" on my site.

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