Friday, July 23, 2010

Mid-Bossier Spreadsheet Updated

I made a couple of changes to the list of Mid-Bossier wells.  I deleted the Cabot Oil & Gas King Gas Unit #1H and added the EOG Resources Bennett Gas Unit #1H  Both are in San Augustine Co. TX.  The drilling rig left the Bennett well in mid-June and I understand that completion operations began in late July.  I also added a note clarifying the Cabot Katherine Von Goetz #3.  This is a vertical well that tested several different formations including the Mid-Bossier. While not strictly a Mid-Bossier well, I kept it on the list for now.

I've got leads on a few more Mid-Bossier wells but haven't had the time to do the digging.  Hopefully I'll have more on them soon.

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