Monday, June 14, 2010

Verizon to buy CNG Vans

Verizon recently announced that the company has purchased 501 Ford E-250 cargo vans upfitted with compressed natural gas (CNG) engines.  The conversion of the ubiquitous Econoline vans will be done by BAF, a subsidiary of Clean Energy Fuels Corp. 

The CNG vans are part of a larger Verizon program to promote energy efficiency and cost savings by replacing 1,100 vehicles and changing some of its operational practices (i.e. less sitting around with the engine running - duh!).  In the spirit of spreading the wealth, the other vehicles in the program will run on biodiesel and ethanol (ick!).

Verizon is one of several major companies embarking on an campaigns to publicly "green" themselves through the use of petroleum alternatives.  It's press and it saves real money, not to mention that making a positive impact on the environment (or at least a significantly lower negative impact).  It is also part of the slow realization of Boone Pickens' plan to encourage fleet vehicle use of natural gas.  Once the infrastructure for CNG expands, starting with fleet operators, natural gas will become a more widely used fuel. 

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