Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I've been away both literally and figuratively for a few days.  I've been out of town.  I've also been without my computer, which suffered a terminal hard drive failure last week.  I'm slowly rebuilding and I think I've avoided the worst of the problems thanks to backups (I thought I lost my various completions and rig count spreadsheets). 

I've been feeling sorry for myself and crawling out of my skin to get my machine back, but it made me realize how addicted some of us are to these silly machines.  While I was away, I had a bad but thankfully brief cold.  As I was simultaneously worrying about my computer and tossing back Sudafed and Tylenol I had the thought that I would rather be sick and have my computer in good health than the other way around.  It wasn't until this afternoon that I realized how pathetic of a thought that was.

...That reality notwithstanding, I've got some catching up to do. In no particular order, I'll update LA completions from last week [DONE], TX completions from this weekend [DONE], the maps of completions [DONE]. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks Robert. So glad you're feeling better .

Anonymous said...

glad your back,