Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Opportunity Missed?

I have seen some recent chatter (more, another)  that the BP Deepwater Horizon explosion and leak are an opportunity for the natural gas industry to advance its own cause.  While I hate to use such a devastating event where eleven men died and untold environmental damage is unfolding for gain, I would suggest that through a series of coincidences, the industry has already missed the opportunity. 

Earlier this week I lamented the series of natural gas accidents, including two pipeline explosions and a blowout in Pennsylvania.  The gas industry had a perfect opportunity to shine, but instead it handed its environmentalist and NIMBY foes a load of ammunition to use against it. 

While these incidents were a series of ill-timed accidents and were not caused by gross negligence (like BP Deepwater Horizon), it shows that the case for natural gas can't be made on safety.  Mining is a dangerous industry, no matter what the target.  You don't hear airlines advertising their safety records in commercials.  The differentiation needs to be made on the product.  Domestically produced natural gas is a superior fuel for environmental reasons, for economic reasons and for national security reasons.  That's the message.

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