Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh, Gasland

The documentary "Gasland" is already hurting my head and I haven't even seen it yet.  It's been on my DVR for a few days, but I haven't yet had the energy to watch it (the finale of Treme comes first!).  But I did watch a clip of filmmaker Josh Fox on the Daily Show (link here through, and what he said was disturbing. 

He is saying that drinking water is actively being poisoned by hydraulic fracturing wherever there is gas drilling and that fracking is a new process.  I have no doubts that there have been accidents where methane has leaked into water wells.  It happened in Louisiana in April.  The problem is that Mr. Fox is saying that methane in water wells is a result of fracturing.  That is wrong.  It is bad logic, one of those, if A=B and D=E, then A=E errors.  It's the same erroneous logic that caused the U.S. to invade Iraq after 9/11.

Unfortunately, his movie "Gasland" won an award at the Sundance Festival and it's on HBO now.  Mr. Fox is doing the media rounds and the film is getting lots of PR, even from those, like industry group-sponsored Energy in Depth (.com), that are waging a negative campaign against the film.  Unfortunately, misconceptions are being cemented into a form of altered reality.

I can't comment on the film itself before I actually watch it, but I'm sure I'll have something more to say then.

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Anonymous said...

Robert, I will not repeat here but if you are interested in my comments regarding the movie you can find them on GHS.

Les B