Thursday, June 24, 2010

L.A. School District to Add CNG Buses

The Los Angeles Unified School District announced that it is adding 130 compressed natural gas (CNG) buses to its transportation fleet.  The issue that CNG addresses in smoggy Los Angeles is clean air.  The L.A. school district first purchased CNG buses in 2008 as part of its "Green School Bus Fleet" program to reduce emissions.  Now, all new school buses purchased for the district have to be powered by some form of alternative fuel (although not all are going to be CNG).  See link for photos of CNG buses.

School bus fleets are another natural customer for natural gas. They run local routes, are parked in concentrated areas that can be serviced easily by a few fueling stations and are notoriously polluting and inefficient. The L.A. school district has approximately 1,300 buses.  Extrapolate those numbers across the country and you've got an enormous potential market.

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