Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Interesting Endeavour Press Release

Endeavour International, a small participant in the Haynesville Shale with 13,500 acres under lease, issued a press release yesterday touting completion of one of its non-operated Haynesville wells, the Batchelor 3 #1 (operated by J-W Operating: 21.5 MMcf/day IP on 24/64” choke at 7,732 psi; Woodardville Field, Bienville Parish, S34/T15/R9; serial #240795). The well is listed by LA DNR as a Cotton Valley well, but Endeavour seems sure that it’s a Haynesville well. I haven’t seen the final depth data yet, but I’ll add it to the list pending final verdict.

The release also noted another CV well, Indigo Minerals LLC 3 #1, also operated by J-W (serial #239108, Woodardville Field, Red River Parish; perfs: 12,422’-16,752'). That well is not yet listed as completed by DNR, but Endeavour reports that it has flowed 3 Bcf since last year. According to DNR, that well turned to sales in early June 2009 (although the initial flow results have not yet been reported), so 3 Bcf in a year isn’t too shabby.


Anonymous said...

Robert....your website and maps are terriifc. I have made sure that other members of family are aware and can take advantage of the tremendous and timely information you have posted. Thanks for a terrific job.


Anonymous said...

Robert, the Batchelor 3 H1 Well is a Haynesville Shale producer as the Cotton Valley Zone for this unit includes the Haynesville Shale formation.

The Indigo Minerals 3 H1 Well was also completed in this same unit and had an initial test rate of 20 MMcfd with a FCP of 8500 psi on a 22/64" choke.

Les B

Robert Hutchinson said...

Thanks, Les (and thanks too, Oliver).