Friday, June 25, 2010

Haynesville Rig Count: -2 to 180

The weekly Haynesville Shale rig count showed a bit of a decrease this week, dropping by two rigs to 180.  The count would have been worse had I not gone back and reclassified two rigs first initiated a couple of weeks ago as Haynesville Shale rigs. Technically they are classified as Cotton Valley, but upon further examination, I believe they are Haynesville.  As a result, there are two additional rigs in Louisiana that didn't show up in my count last week but really were there (I'm too lazy to retroactively change previous reports). 

The Haynesville count in Louisiana stands at 132 (up 2, but because of the reclassification noted above actually unchanged) and the count in east Texas is at 47, down four from last week. 

Nationally, the rig count was up 13 to 1,552., its highest level since January 2009.  By target, oil rigs were up by nine, gas rigs were up by five and miscellaneous rigs were down by one.  By type, horizontal rigs were up six, vertical rigs were up four and directional rigs were up three. 

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