Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Feature: Middle Bossier Shale Maps

I've added another new feature, a map of the wells in the Middle Bossier Shale.  The maps, available in Google Maps and Google Earth on right hand side of the page, show both completions and permitted/drilling wells.  The maps reflect the data already presented on the Mid-Bossier spreadsheet.

Google Maps:

View Mid-Bossier Shale in a larger map

Google Earth:

Because neither Texas nor Louisiana have an official designation for the Mid-Bossier play, I've gathered information from press releases and presentations. Because the criteria for inclusion on this list is mostly anecdotal, I make no representation that this is the ultimate list.  Rather it is a work in process, and I welcome any input about wells I've missed or data that is incorrect.

Have fun, if you're so inclined.


Anonymous said...

I generally agree with your list of Mid-Bossier Shale completions but believe the inclusion of the Black Stone Min 12 H1 Well is in error. You will note this well was identified as a Haynesville Shale completion on the EnCana slide with the graph of various Mid-Bossier Shale production rates.

Also, what was the information source that identified the last four wells plus the Greer 15 #H1 on the drilling list?


Robert Hutchinson said...


Thanks for the input. I'll take a look at the Black Stone well this afternoon.

Here is the source of information for the last five permitted/drilling wells on the list:

Greer 15 #1H: Cabot presentation 3-22-10

Whitney Corp 19 H #1: HK presentation 4-13-10

Horton Federal #1: Crimson presentation 4-13-10

John O. Hall #1H: Cabot presentation 3-22-10

J. Sublett G.U. #1H: Cabot presentation 3-22-10

VUB Blackstone Minerals "H" #1: Crimson presentation 4-13-10

Anonymous said...

Robert, I have doubts that the Range Resources-Horton Federal #1H (Sabine County) was/is being drilled. I can find no mention on either Baker Hughes Rig Map or on my subscription service of a rig in Sabine County this year, other than on the Hall #1. I will verify shortly, if I have to drive up there myself.


Robert Hutchinson said...


Don't waste the trip. I only have it on the map in the permitted/drilling category. It is only permitted and is not drilling at this time.

Maybe it's confusing, but I lumped the two together to make it "binary" - i.e. completions vs. non-completions. It made it easier to keep the map relatively current.

There are a couple of other wells that I know are out there that are either drilling or completed but haven't narrowed down to the exact locations. One in Texas is an EnCana well in San Augustine Co. I think either Black Stone Unit A43(687761) or Black Stone Unit A398 (693088) is a Mid-Bossier well. Any thoughts on these?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't hazard a guess as to depth on either well. The Black Stone A-43 has finished drilling and rumor says it's been fracked... waiting to hear the numbers. Located at 31.426540, -94.273360

Black Stone A-398 is still drilling about 3.5 miles NE of the BS A-43 @ 31.453050, -94.223522 and the Horton Fed. is just a permit... but it is a nice drive.