Friday, May 21, 2010

Feature Adjustment: Maps Reorganized

As I keep adding maps, I started to get overwhelmed by the busyness of the right side of the page.  As  a result, I decided to consolidate all of the maps onto a separate maps page.  I also broke down the Louisiana completions Google map into six maps by geography so that they will load a little faster.  The maps have all the same information, but it is broken down as follows:

Louisiana Haynesville Completions:
  • All Louisiana Completions (Google EARTH)
  • Bossier, Bienville and Webster Parishes (Google Maps)
  • Caddo Parish (Google Maps)
  • Northern DeSoto Parish, Townships 13 - 16 (Google Maps)
  • Southern DeSoto Parish, Townships 10 - 12 (Google Maps)
  • Red River Parish (Google Maps)
  • Sabine and Natchitoches Parishes (Google Maps)
Haynesville Working Rigs:
  • All LA & TX Working Rigs (Google EARTH)
  • All LA & TX Working Rigs (Google Maps)
Mid-Bossier Shale:
  • Google EARTH
  • Google Maps
I hope this will make the information more user-friendly.  Remember that the Google Maps are limited by size, so if you want to see all of the information in one place you have to use the Google EARTH maps.

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