Tuesday, May 25, 2010

EUR Data on a Few Petrohawk Wells

Before I get into the rest of the Petrohawk data, I wanted to note some estimated ulimate recovery (EUR) information on a few specific Petrohawk wells for people who might have an interest in them. Right now, Petrohawk carries a 7.5 Bcf type curve for the Haynesville Shale. This effectively is an average of a lot of wells that perform very differently based on geology, pressure, gas in place, etc. In the context of discussing the performance enhancements created by restricting choke sizes, Petrohawk noted the well-specific EURs for the following wells:
  • B&K Expl. 37-1 (serial #238527): 4.7 Bcf EUR
  • Allbritton Cattle 9 #2-ALT (serial #239078): 5.9 Bcf EUR
  • DeSoto PPJ 35 #1 (serial#239711): 6.3 Bcf EUR
  • Griffith 11 #1 (serial#238281): 6.6 Bcf EUR
  • Ninock 6 #1 (serial#239468): 9.4 Bcf EUR
  • Clark 7 #1 (serial#239948): 13.1 Bcf EUR
  • Ninock 34 #1 (serial#239801): 14.9 Bcf EUR
There are some impressive wells out there for sure.

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thanks again. check out GOHAYNESVILLESHALe.com too.