Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mystery Solved?

Last month, EnCana showed a graphic that noted an unnamed 37 MMcf/day well (image below) and I played the parlor game of trying to figure out which well it is.  The results were based on a 24 hour test, but it's still a gusher.  I based my guesses on trying to triangulate the location from the map, but I think I put too much faith in a big fat dot covering a wide area on a map and whiffed.

This week, there were a number of new EnCana completions published, and a couple might be the mystery well.  In particular I noted George Lormand 4H #1 (#239966; S5/T13/R11), which was completed January 22 with an IP rate of 28.8 MMcf/day.  Another possibility is the Thelma Lawson 11 H #1 (#240237; S11/T13/R9), which was completed February 18 with an IP rate of 28.0 MMcf/day, but that might be too far to the east.  I'm going with the Lormand well for now, but it's still just a guess on my part.

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