Thursday, April 22, 2010

Exco Comments on "Well Control Event"

With all the passion of a lawyer writing bicycle assembly instructions, Exco responded to the "well control event" that occurred in south Caddo Parish earlier this week.  In all fairness to Exco, the full extent of the cause (and effect) of what went on is not entirely known at this point.  What is known is that some natural gas seeped into the water aquifer and some nearby residents are still out of their homes. 

About the only interesting information in the press release was that the "unexpected gas flow" occurred at 1,533 feet below the surface.  Exco is working to do right by these folks, but there is still much to learn about what happened to prevent this from occurring again (as much as this kind of thing can be prevented). 

Unfortunately, as the Shreveport Times pointed out this morning, there was little baseline information about the aquifer to know the quality of the water before the incident occurred.  Something tells me that we will lead to pressure from the environmental agencies to better inventory water resources, much like is being suggested in the Northeast.  What am  I saying?  This is entirely a personal opinion, but if Gov. Jindal is going to run for president in 2012, I doubt we will see much "government intervention" in gas drilling in Louisiana.  But as with many matters that merge business and the environment, we must find a middle path that is best for both parties (and likely unacceptable to both).  It is better for the responsible parties to act before they are pressured into action that they don't want to take.

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