Monday, March 1, 2010

Washington Post: "A Natural Choice"

The Sunday Washington Post featured an editorial advocating the use of natural gas as a bridge fuel to a cleaner energy future.  The piece looked at power generation rather than T. Boone's favorite topic of vehicle fuel and promoted natural gas over the use of coal.  It pointed out that approximately 75% of our natural gas generating capacity goes unused in favor of coal, which implies that many utilities can increase the use of natural gas and decrease output of carbon dioxide and pollution in short order, something that we have been talking about for a while.

While it is not the first such editorial we have seen on the subject, the Post is yet another influential newspaper to come around to natural gas.  It's nice also to see the article appear in a D.C. paper on the eve of the debate over our energy future.  Now let's just hope someone reads it.

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