Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Texas Developmental Activity

I did not note any new completions in Texas this week, but I did see the following developmental activity:
  • Findley Gas Unit #1H, Penn Virginia Corp.; Carthage (Haynesville Shale), Harrison Co.
  • Rollie Simms Deep GU #1H, NFR Energy; Carthage (Haynesville Shale), Harrison Co.
  • Blocker Ware #23H, GMX Resources; Carthage (Haynesville Shale), Harrison Co.
  • Sempra Energy Gas Unit II #1H, XTO Energy; Carthage (Haynesville Shale), Panola Co.
  • Harris Stewart #1H, Noble Energy; Carthage (Haynesville Shale), Shelby Co.
  • Husband 1, Valence Operating; Carthage (Haynesville Shale), Nacogdoches Co. (this permit also covers Cotton Valley, Travis Peak, James and Petit, so I'm not sure what the ultimate target will be)
  • Grizzly 1, Crimson Exploration; Carthage (Haynesville Shale), San Augustine

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