Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Louisiana Completions

  • Dickson 37 #1, Petrohawk Operating:  8,234 MMcf/day IP on 14/64" choke at 7,754 psi; Cedar Grove Field, Caddo Parish, Sec. 37/Township 17/Range 13; Haynesville reservoir A, serial #239530
  • Sustainable Forest 5 #1, EOG Resources: 12,638 MMcf/day on 24/64" choke at 6,359 psi; Ten Mile Bayou Field, DeSoto Parish, S5/T11/R12, res. A, serial #240172
  • Yarbrough 1 #1, EOG Resources: 12,042 MMcf/day IP on 20/64" choke at 5,351 psi; Trenton Field, DeSoto Parish, S1/T11/R13; res. A, serial #240182
  • Black Stone 3 #1, EOG Resources: 9,699 MMcf/day IP on 22/64" choke at 4,508 psi; Trenton Field, DeSoto Parish, S3/T11/R13; res. A, serial #240236
  • Ninock 12 H #1, Petrohawk Operating: 19,873 MMcf/day IP on 24/64" choke at 8,606 psi; Red-River-Bull Bayou Field, Red River Parish, S1/T13/R11; res. B, serial #239506
  • Whitney Corp 2 H #1, EOG Resources: 4,358 MMcf/day IP on 14/64" choke at 7,140 psi; Converse Field, Sabine Parish, S2/T9/R14; res. A, serial # 239675
I also noted the following well that is classified as Lower Cotton Valley Res. A.  In researching the well, I have come to believe it is actually a Haynesville well.  It's located in a section that is a Haynesville unit, but its vertical depth is actually slightly deeper than the depth of a Haynesville well located in the same section.  There are other productive Cotton Valley wells in the area, but I think they are shallower.  I'm not hip to all of the geology, but it smells like a Haynesville well to me. I'll put it on the spreadsheet until someone can tell me differently. 
  • Moon 27 H #1, Petrohawk Operating: 8,965 MMcf/day IP on 14/64" choke at 8,382 PSI; Elm Grove Field, Bossier Parish, S22/T16/R14; Lower Cotton Valley Res. A, serial #240080
For those who follow the completions spreadsheet, please note that I am fixing a boo-boo.  I mistakenly included an undrilled well (JESTMA 15 serial #240445) as a completion.  In actuality the completion was JESTMA 22 #240030, which was already on the board.  I deleted JESTMA 15 (which had JESTMA 22's completion data).  Mea culpa.

As a new feature, I have shaded cells with new information on the completions spreadsheet, both new completions and updated data on existing completions.  I will also keep the updates of the spreadsheets to no more than twice per week (Thursday and Sunday/Monday).  I'll try to do two colors for those who only check once per week.  I'll do the same for Texas completions and only update that spreadsheet once per week on Sunday/Monday.

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