Tuesday, March 2, 2010

EnBridge to Expand Haynesville Gathering

As Enbridge continues to pursue its LaCrosse Pipeline from Carthage, Texas to southeast Louisiana, the company will expand some of its Haynesville gathering activities.  I read in Pipelines International that Enbridge plans to build about three lateral gathering pipelines (about 50 miles) of between 16" and 24" in Shelby, Nacogdoches and San Augustine Counties, Texas for Haynesville production.  The gathering lines will feed a larger 24" line (38 miles) from Shelby County to the larger hub of Carthage, TX, where the proposed LaCrosse line will originate.  The gathering project will cost around $141.8 million and have a capacity of 900 MMcf/day.  Below is a snapshot of Enbridge's current east Texas gathering assets:

The article noted above is a couple of weeks old.  I was holding off mentioning it until I saw more about it directly from Enbridge, but I haven't noticed anything new from the company.  I suspect this new project it is part of a larger scheme to generate commitments for the LaCrosse pipeline, the route for which is shown below.

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