Friday, February 12, 2010

Rig Counts Up Again

The Baker Hughes weekly rig count showed another increase in national rig count to 1,346, up 11 from last week.  The net eleven is the result of 13 new gas wells and two fewer oil wells.  The breakdown of the new rigs is five vertical, four horizontal and two directional rigs.

In the Haynesville region, inclusive of other formations, the rig count increased by four, three in north Louisiana and one in north Texas. 

By my count, the Louisiana Haynesville rig count increased from 121 to 123 this past week, as summarized on the table below and on the list linked on the top of this page. 

I'll work on the Texas count some time this weekend.


Anonymous said...

How long it is necessary so that a rig becomes again completely operational after its reopening?
Thank you.

Robert Hutchinson said...

I'm not sure. In terms of the rig count, I think it just matters if a rig is on site with the crew on site. In terms of actual operations, I think they can re-mobilize it fairly quickly once it gets to a new site.