Saturday, February 13, 2010

Recent Texas Completions

  • PEC Minerals Gas Unit 2 #3H, XTO Energy: 4.761 MMcf/day IP on 15/64" choke; North Carthage Field, Panola Co. (Bossier Shale)
  • Billy Harris Hay #1H, Goodrich Petroleum: 11.698 MMcf/day IP on 24/64" choke; North Carthage Field, Panola Co. (Bossier Shale).  There was an earlier completion for Billy Harris Hay #1 in Rusk Co. in the Beckville Field with a 12.2 MMcf/day IP rate.  In TRRC records, they appear to be the same well and the correct location seems to be Panola Co., but I'm not sure which initial production data is correct.
Development Activity:
  • Verhalen "B" #7H, GMX Resources; North Carthage Field, Harrison Co.

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