Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ford's CNG-Ready Taxi

At the 2010 Chicago Auto Show, Ford unveiled its Transit Connect Taxi, which is designed to be easily retrofitted for CNG or LPG fuels.  While the vehicles are designed for natural gas conversion, Ford will not do the conversions itself or sell the vehicles as natural gas cars.

Natural gas as a vehicle fuel has been in the news lots lately thanks to T. Boone Pickens's fat bankroll.  His PR campaign is making strides with politicians, automakers and consumers alike.  The strategy of getting fleet users to adopt CNG and to start building fueling infrastructure across the country is starting to make some progress and the announcement by Ford is exactly what CNG proponents need. 

The best selling points for CNG have been lower fuel costs and decreased emissions.  Expect to hear more of the latter arguement as cities work hard to reduce air pollution in coming years. 

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