Thursday, February 18, 2010

Coal in the Tank?

This evening, I opened my Wall Street Journal to a full page ad for the Journal asking, "Will my next car burn more coal than gas?"  The  ad touts the Journal's "live in the know" marketing campaign, but the question is one that I've been wondering for a while.  How can we promote plug-in electric cars as an environmentally friendly solution when more than half the electricity generated in this country comes from coal?

Trading oil for coal doesn't seem like that great of a deal to me, but the conversation about green-this and green-that is full of these hidden traps.  What still baffles me is why natural gas still gets a bad rap when we are so concerned about the environment.  It's the same point I was making yesterday in talking about the Boulder, CO coal plant, so I'll spare you the soapbox.  But we as a nation have to overcome the stigma about natural gas being a fossil fuel to better balance our thirst for energy and our need to preserve the environment.

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