Friday, February 26, 2010

Arthur Berman's Presentation Slides

As I noted last week, Arthur Berman, who has (in)famously been a critic of North American shale plays, has published a new articleHere is a link to slides that accompany the article and provide some more graphical analysis.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Berman's latest article leaves me with the impression of someone who has become entrenched in a particular opinion and is determined to find a way to justify the opinion, rather than presenting a thoughtful analysis of the issues. Of course developing the shale formations presents challenges. All new technologies do. Of course much remains to be learned. But, the significance of the resource is extremely important, and the tremendous volume of gas that has been produced during the past 12 months (at prices well below $5.00/mmf) is undeniable. Berman's views and presentations are so one-sided that he lacks credibility. I would love to see a thorough, balanced analysis of the long-term shale resource.