Monday, February 22, 2010

Arthur Berman's New Article

Here is the link to Arthur Berman's new article on shale gas that I mentioned would be coming up in a post last week.  The article is published on The Oil Drum, a peak oil web site.  Berman uses the Exxon Mobil acquisition of XTO Energy as a jumping off point to describe why he doesn't think the current development scheme for extracting shale gas is economical.  The article is strongly opinionated and likely will elicit a hearty debate in energy geology circles.


Allen Gilmer said... has a very different take than Mr. Berman's analysis. It uses a very different approach that takes performance improvements over time into consideration.

Robert Hutchinson said...

Gracias. When the inputs are uncertain (commodity price, production, etc.), the results at this stage are hard to predict. But the drama might be entertaining.