Friday, January 29, 2010

Rig Count Up Again

he weekly Baker Hughes rig count showed another increase in working rigs, rising 35 to 1,317, the highest level since February 13, 2009.  The biggest increase was in gas rigs (+28), followed by oil rigs (+7).  In terms of trajectory, more horizontal rigs (+20) were added than directional (+8) or vertical (+7) rigs.

In the Haynesville region, inclusive of other formations, the rig count jumped by eight to 200, with three new rigs in north Louisiana (133 total) and five new rigs in east Texas (67 total). 

It took me a while, but I finally started compiling a detailed list of Texas rigs.  There is a little confusion about how some of the wells are classified, because some that seem very Haynesville/Bossier-like are classified as "wildcat" wells.  As a result, I don't count them, but I do list the ones I think are most applicable.  If anybody has any intel on any of the wildcat rigs, I'm all ears.

Here is the link to the new Texas rig count page.

This week, I counted 122 Louisiana Haynesville rigs, up from 121, and 26 Texas Haynesville/Bossier rigs, up from 25. In Texas, there were six wells that look like H/B wells but are classified as "Wildcat."  I included those wells in the summaries below but broke them out on the larger list.  There was one oddity in the LA list: two rigs were listed for the same well.  That means my count might be one rig light, but I didn't have enough information to get to an answer.  The tables below break down the numbers by state for operators and parish/counties.

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