Wednesday, December 23, 2009

[Top 10] #9: Copenhagen & Energy Policy

This should be the #1 story of the year, but it’s been all sturm und drang in 2009 and not much action.

With the recent UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen, the relationship between energy and the environment has been getting lots more attention. The great herding of cats in Denmark didn’t result in much direct action, but the concepts discussed should be part of international energy policy going forward. The good news from our perspective is that natural gas finally made some inroads to the conversation. I think the world is beginning to recognize the value of natural gas from an environmental and international security perspective. No victories can be declared, but natural gas officially is on the international radar.

The same can be said about Washington. It’s been a wild year in D.C., well beyond my ability to comment upon or comprehend, but expect more fireworks as the energy debate heats up in January. Again, more good news: natural gas advocates are finally being heard in the halls of government. Gas offers a great many benefits to the U.S., so whatever your politics or regional preferences, there is something there for everyone. Now let’s see if the talk and potential can be translated into action.

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