Friday, December 18, 2009

Rig Counts Up Again

The Baker Hughes rig count showed another nationwide increase in working rigs, up 32 from last week to 1,193.  The increase was evenly split between oil and gas rigs.  The increase included 14 horizontal rigs, 14 directional rigs and seven vertical rigs.  It's no real surprise that the number of oil rigs (407) is more than this week last year (387), but the number of working gas rigs (773) is nowhere close to the number last year (1,366).

In the Haynesville region of north Louisiana and east Texas, inclusive of other fields, the count increased from 173 to 179, with the six new rigs all working in Texas.

I updated my list of Louisiana rigs with new information and a couple of errors/omissions.  I'm sure there are some more, but it should be an improvement over last week.  Computer calamities have killed my week, so I haven't had time to work on the Texas list.


Robert Hutchinson said...

Les B:

Do you know anything about Waldron 7 (Patterson-UTI 209), Lambert Dev. 20-16-14H (Trinidad 108) or Vice 13 (Unit 307)? Are they working on Haynesville wells? I assume they are but have some doubts.

What about the Fulmer vs. Parker question (Trinidad 103) - do you know what well 103 is drilling now?

Thanks if you can help and thanks for your past input,

Anonymous said...


The Lambert Dev 20 & Waldron 7 wells are definitely permitted for the Haynesville Shale. The Vice 13 well is also although the Haynesville Shale is substantially shallower in that area due to an uplift feature. By the way I believe the Vice 13 and DHD 26 wells may both be finished drilling.

I agree with you that the Trinidad 103 Rig is likely on the Parker well.

Les B