Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Recent Louisiana Completions

  • Beckett 21 H #1, Questar: 20.239 MMcf/day IP on 22/64” choke at 8,250 psi; Woodardville Field, Bienville Parish, S21/T15/R9; Haynesville reservoir A, serial #239669
  • Clark ETUX 8 H #1, KCS Resources (Petrohawk): 16.767 MMcf/day IP on 24/64” choke at 7,672 psi; Elm Grove Field, Bossier Parish, S5/T15/R11; Haynesville res. A, serial #240075
  • Hall 5 H #1, Matador Production Co.: 0.3 MMcf/day IP on 40/64” choke at 600 psi; Caddo Pine Island Field, Caddo Parish, S5/T19/R15; non-unit, serial #237687
  • Western D 17-15-15 H, Chesapeake Operating: 17.904 MMcf/day IP on 22/64” choke at 7,729 psi; Johnson Branch Field, Caddo Parish, S17/T15/R15; Haynesville res. A, serial #239731
  • Cole 9 H #1, Chesapeake Operating: 14.851 MMcf/day IP on 22/64” choke at 8,195 psi; North Grand Cane Field, DeSoto Parish, S9/T12/R14; Haynesville res. A, serial #239637
  • Moran 33 #1, Exco Production Co.: 18.985 MMcf/day IP on 22/64” choke at 7,041 psi; Holly Field, DeSoto Parish, S33/T14/R13; non-unit, serial #239879
  • Moran 34 #1, Exco Production Co.: 16.819 MMcf/day IP on 20/64” choke at 7,165 psi; Holly Field, DeSoto Parish, S34/T14/R13; non-unit, serial #239895
  • Spears 35 H #1, Chesapeake Operating: 11.631 MMcf/day IP on 22/64” choke at 5,714 psi; Logansport Field, DeSoto Parish, S35/T11/R15; Haynesville res. A, serial #239544
  • Blackstone 10 #1, EOG Resources: 14.133 MMcf/day IP on 28/64” choke at 3,600 psi; Trenton Field, DeSoto Parish, S10/T11/R13; Haynesville res. A, serial #240043
  • Allbritton Cattle ETAL 15 #2, Petrohawk Operating: 16.436 MMcf/day IP on 24/64” choke at 7,763 psi; Red River-Bull Bayou Field, Red River Parish, S15/T13/R11; Haynesville res. B, serial #239022
In addition, there was one re-completion:
  • Johnson Trust #1, St. Mary Land & Exploration: 0.351 MMcf/day on 12/64” choke at 520 psi; Spider Field, DeSoto Parish, S1/T11/R14; Haynesville res. A, serial #238533
The Louisiana completion database will be updated in a few days. My wife is a woman of few words, but when she does speak, she urges me to update my computer virus protection and back up my hard drive. I listen but sometimes am slow to act. Unfortunately, my virus protection lapsed a couple of weeks ago and I got a virus the other day that wiped out some of my favorite files, including the LA completions database and my nearly complete TX completions database. As a result, after eating a heaping helping of crow, I am in the process of rebuilding the LA file. I’m about 65% there and hope to rebuild it better than before, Steve Austin style. Unfortunately I’m going to have to start from scratch on the TX database. So gas fans out there, listen to my wife and update your virus protection and back up your hard drive.

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