Thursday, November 19, 2009

Storage Up 20 Bcf

I was a bit disappointed to see that natural gas in storage is still going up. Last week it was up 20 Bcf to 3.833 Tcf. Of course this is another new record.  Last year this week, storage increased 23 Bcf, while the five year average for this week is a 10 Bcf increase.  The storage graph below shows the red line (this year's storage figure) still peaking over the five year average.

The new storage was fairly equally distributed across the three regions, +8 Bcf in the East, +3 Bcf in the West and +9 Bcf in the Producing Region.  Interestingly, the Producing Region storage stands at 1.208 Tcf, which is higher than the estimated peak capacity of 1.202 Tcf.  I guess they're really squeezing it in.  Total storage stands at 99% of the demonstrated peak capacity of 3,889.  I can't help but think of the Monty Python sketch about Mr. Creosote and the wafer-thin mint.

Looking at the warm temperatures for the past week, it is no surprise that gas usage didn't surge.

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