Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shale Expo II and Identity Issues

The second Shale Expo will take place next week on November 13 at the Shreveport Convention Center (link to article; link to The event is free and is sponsored by the Regional Chambers of Commerce.

On a completely unrelated matter, I'm getting sick of standard imagery for natural gas, especially a blue flame coming out of a stove. The image pasted to the right is stolen from the Shale Expo site. It is actually one of the better "kitchen images" I've seen. For some reason, most of the blue flame pictures I've seen remind me of the cruddy apartment I lived in after college, which brings back some unsavory memories.

Can't we come up with better imagery for natural gas? I guess it is hard to depict. True, it is invisible and it exists in gas form. Yes, it is only truly tangible to 99% of us when it comes out of the stove, but I'm just so tired of it. Makes me envy oil, with its iconic black droplet. "Black gold, Texas Tea." What's natural gas? If we use the blue flame, let's at least see some interesting flame sources, not just kitchen burners. Something cool and high tech.

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