Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Recent Louisiana Completions

  • Willis ETAL 36H #1, Petrohawk: 19.121 MMcf/day initial production on 24/64” choke at 7,602 psi; Elm Grove Field, Bossier Parish, Sec. 36/Township 16/Range 11; Haynesville reservoir A, serial #239875
  • Caddo Parish 30-15-15H #1, Chesapeake: 13.425 MMcf/day IP on 22/64” choke at 7,104 psi; Bethany Longstreet Field, Caddo Parish, S19/T15/R15; Haynesville res. A, serial #239802
  • Hunsicker 13-14-16H #1, Chesapeake: 16.536 MMcf/day IP on 22/64” choke at 7,807 psi; Bethany Longstreet Field, Caddo Parish, S13/T14/R16; Haynesville res. A, serial #239859
  • Bray 34-15-16H #1, Chesapeake: 14.702 MMcf/day IP on 22/64” choke at 7,058 psi; Bethany Longstreet Field, Caddo Parish, S34/T15/R16; Haynesville res. A, serial #239945
  • Woolworth 25H #1, Tellus Operating Group, LLC: 10.112 MMcf/day IP on 24/64” choke at 5,032 psi; Shreveport Field, Caddo Parish, S25/T18/R15; Haynesville res. A, serial #239892 (if my calculations are correct, this well is in Cross Lake, just NW of Shreveport)
  • Jackson Davis 26H #1, EnCana Oil & Gas: 8,668 MMcf/day IP on 15/64” choke at 8,055 psi; Caspiana Field, DeSoto Parish, S26/T15/R14; Haynesville res. A, serial #239486
  • Hollowell 16-12-14H #1, Chesapeake: 10.487 MMcf/day IP on 22/64” choke at 6,907 psi; Norht Grand Cane Field, DeSoto Parish, S16/T12/R14; Haynesville res. A, serial #239825
  • Moan 23 #1, Exco Production Co.: 16.914 MMcf/day IP on 20/64” choke at 5,400 psi; Kingston Field, DeSoto Parish, S23/T14/R13; Haynesville res. A, serial #239642
  • Sample 32H #1, Petrohawk: 21.097 MMcf/day IP on 18/64” choke at 8,476 psi; Thorn Lake Field, Red River Parish, S5/T14/R11; Haynesville res. A, serial #239987
Also, I previously reported Collins 15 HZ #1 from a Comstock Energy press release at 21 MMcf/day IP.  The state reports this well at 16.184 MMcf/day initial production.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your web page... Very Informative and thank you..

Can you explain how payments are made to the land owner.

When looking at the Henry Hub Spot price is it calculated daily or averaged out for the month?

What all is deducted before it gets to the mailbox of the landowner?

Example: 10 million MMCF well for 30 days and I own 25 per cent of the land in the section.. I also get a 25% Royality What would be the payout for me in the last 30 days in this scenerio.. What will be taken out etc..Details please..

If you have explained this in a previous Post I apologize Please Direct me to the Post.. And Thanks

Robert Hutchinson said...

I staretd to write something, but I decided to make it into a full post. I hope to have it up in the next couple of hours.


Robert Hutchinson said...

In the example I posted, I used 250 MMcf/month. Yours would be closer to 300 MMcf (10 MMcf x 30 = 300 million cubic feet). Prices are per thousand cubic feet, so the gross revenue would be $945K. You can work backwards from there to get $26.6K (with sibling) and $53.2K without.

Before you buy a new house, remember that the wells decline very quickly and many of them are flowing at constrained rates, so that 10 MMcf/day is fleeting.

You can't take anything but a check to the bank.

Anonymous said...