Friday, November 20, 2009

More Mid-Bossier Excitement

The Shreveport Times published an article about the Mid-Bossier Shale (a.k.a. Bossier Shale in Louisiana) that might touch off a frenzy in DeSoto Parish, as Chesapeake Energy's geosciences manager John Sharp gave a speech to a Rotary group and basically called Mansfield the center of the universe, at least in regards to natural gas drilling in the U.S.  His point was that DeSoto sits on top of both the Haynesville and Mid-Bossier Shales.  Not only did he predict great activity from the drilling industry, he predicted a housing boom in the area. 

While it's best to leave the real estate prognostication to others, Mr. Sharp has a point about the stacked Haynesville/Mid-Bossier plays.  We've been following this since July when EnCana became the first gas producer to talk about the Mid-Bossier in its investment presentations. 

I've always been partial to maps, so the first thing I always want to know is what does it look like/where is it?  It seems that just like the early days of the Great Haynesville Shale Rush, the exact boundaries of the Mid-Bossier formation are not entirely settled.  What is known is that it was formed by a similar process to the Haynesville Shale, only later and likely in a smaller geographic area towards the southern part of the Haynesville formation.  I've published information about the geology and several maps with the Mid-Bossier Shale noted, but below I've collected them, along with a new one from Petrohawk (the first one below - the Mid-Bossier Shale is in purple).

The one below is from Regency Energy Partners, a pipeline company.  The Mid-Bossier is in pink.

This one is from Chesapeake.  It notes the two Mid-Bossier wells the company has drilled.

The one below is from Exco.  I find it to be the least informative.  The Mid-Bossier is in peach.

There is no definitive answer here, and one's feelings about the boundaries of the Mid-Bossier might be slanted by the land one has leased, but what seems to be for sure is that it will be a busy decade in DeSoto Parish and the rest of NW Louisiana/E Texas.

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