Saturday, October 17, 2009

Two New Texas Completions

I noted two new Texas Haynesville completions:
  • Mary Harris #1, Noble Energy: 12.634 MMcf/day on 26/64" choke; Center Field, Shelby Co.
  • T. Hay Swiley Gas Unit #4H, Goodrich Petroleum: 10.528 MMcf/day on 26/64" choke; Beckville Field, Rusk Co.

I usually don't report on developmental wells, but suddenly that seems silly. Here are five new wells that are going forward in Texas:

  • Devon Energy: Barton #1H, Naconiche Field, Nacogdoches Co.
  • GMX Resources: Mia Austin #1H, North Carthage Field, Harrison Co.
  • GMX Resources: T.J.T. Simpson #2H, North Carthage Field, Harrison Co.
  • Berry Petroleum: Hazel Bryne Gas Unit 3 #2H, North Carthage Field, Harrison Co.
  • Anadarko E&P: Major Kennedy Estate #30 HH, North Carthage Field, Rusk Co.

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