Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Questar: New Acreage, Big Numbers

In the Haynesville Shale, Questar has distinguished itself by turning a small acreage position (31,000 net acres) into some of the biggest producing wells in the play. Today, the company announced that it has acquired approximately 12,000 net acres, much of it in Bienville Parish adjacent to and north of its existing Woodardville acreage. This acquisition brings Questar's net Haynesville acreage to 43,000. (I'll post the map of the acreage when it comes available.)

The company announced also announced some completions. The well below was already reported by DNR:
  • NAC 36 H #1: 23.7 MMcf/day peak 24 hour IP; Woodardville Field, Bienville Parish, Sec. 36/Township 15/Range 10; serial #239751 (This was already reported by DNR as 17.223 MMcf/day on 18/64" choke at 8,300 psi)

The company reported three new completions on its existing leasehold. All three wells listed below are in the Thorn Field of Red River Parish:

  • Sample 10 H #1: 22.6 MMcf/day peak 24 hour IP; S10/T14/R11; serial #239374
  • Sample 10 H #2: 21.5 MMcf/day peak 24 hour IP; S10/T14/R11; serial #239685
  • Baker 7 H #1: 24.4 MMcf/day peak 24 hour IP; S7/T14/R11; serial #239576

The new wells are reflected on the list of Louisiana completions.

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