Thursday, October 29, 2009

Little Gypsy Coal Conversion Officially Dead...Finally

I've gone on at length about Entergy's misguided plan to convert its Little Gypsy gas-fired power plant to coal and petroleum coke, an industrial byproduct. The concept made a certain amount of economic sense on the surface when it was proposed a while back, but it is a bad idea when you dig deeper. Why spend $2 billion to pollute our state when we are sitting on one of the world's largest supplies of natural gas? The plan was hatched years ago, before shale plays became economically feasible, but it still was not a good long-term plan.

Yesterday, Entergy filed a petition with the Louisiana Public Service Commission to officially cancel the conversion officially. Now comes the fun part of trying to recover the $300 million or so of project costs from rate payers.

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