Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Water and Shale Drilling

There was a good article published nationally by Reuters yesterday about the the discussion regarding the safety of hydraulic fracturing and drinking water.  The article balanced the issues of abundant natural gas and its growing importance to the U.S. with the issues critics have raised about water safety.

My opinion is that this is a surface issue, not an underground one.  The chemicals that are hazardous are a very small part of the fluid injected into the well, but if these chemicals are not properly managed at the surface, both before injection and after it flows back, there will be trouble.

With the great expansion of hydraulic fracturing, the industry needs to lead the charge to environmental safety.  This is the proverbial goose laying golden eggs that is in danger of being choked.  Environmental saftey needs to be a mantra just like human safety.  It will cost some money, but it is money well spent if it leads to greater public trust and a higher level of enviornmental quality. 

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