Thursday, September 17, 2009

Long Island CNG

Nassau County, NY announced last week that it will purchase 40 new compressed natural gas (CNG) dump trucks for its municipal fleet. The county received funding through a regional initiative that was funded by the 2009 federal recovery act. Grant funds will also be applied to constructing five new CNG stations and purchasing 209 new alternative fuel vehicles in Nassau and Suffolk Counties (I'm not sure how many of these are CNG and how many are other "alt" fuels). Nassau County already is a leader in alternative fuel vehicles, with around 100 alternative fuel vehicles. It also boasts a municipal bus service of 330 buses that is 100% CNG fueled.

The widespread use of CNG in vehicles is going to have to start with fleets and municipalities that have the critical density of vehicles in a geographic region and the wherewithal to build fueling stations. Once the fueling stations proliferate, the general public can get in on the CNG fun.

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