Friday, September 18, 2009

Goodrich: Recent Completions

Goodrich Petroleum released information on a few new wells today. The company has a joint venture agreement with Chesapeake Energy for a portion of its acreage, so some of these wells get reported as Chesapeake wells. Please keep in mind that all of the wells below are self-reported on a 24 hour IP, so the production rates below might be higher than the later official reports.


  • Johnson 10H #1: 17.0 MMcf/day on 22/64” choke at 7,500 psi; Bethany-Longstreet Field, DeSoto Parish, serial #239645
  • Dixie 31H #1: 14.4 MMcf/day on 22/64” choke at 6,600 psi; Bethany-Longstreet Field, Caddo Parish, serial #239735
  • Trosper 2H #1: 11.7 MMcf/day on 22/64" choke at 5,800 psi; Greenwood-Waskom Field, Caddo Parish, serial #239841
  • Bohnert 25H #1 (I think this is actually 28H, not 25H): 7.5 MMcf/day on 16/64” choke at 5,300 psi; Longwood Field, Caddo Parish, serial #238486 (if it is the Bohnert 28H)


  • Swiley 4H: 7.0 MMcf/day on 20/64” choke at 5,300 psi; Beckville Field, Rusk Co.
  • Beard-Taylor 1H: 6.5 MMcf/day on 21/64” choke at 5,100 psi; Beckville Field, Rusk Co.

Goodrich is currently running five rigs in the Haynesville Play, four in the Bethany-Longstreet Field (LA) and another in the Beckville Field (TX). Once the Beckville well is completed, the rig will move to the Greenwood-Waskom Field (LA), and all of the rigs will remain in Louisiana for the rest of the year.

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