Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shale Skeptic Speaks Again

I've previously posted a link to an article by Arthur Berman, who is a geologist and big shale nay-sayer. His contention is that the economics of shale exploration are being over-hyped by the participating companies and that developing shale fields, especially at low gas prices, should be avoided or at least, like marriage, be entered into wisely.

I've read two additional articles by him, one on his blog that is a follow-up to his earlier article poo-pooing the Haynesville economics, and another that challenges the economics of Barnett Shale wells. I should note that the second article, which was originally published in World Oil magazine is posted on a peak oil web site.

As always, I provide the disclaimer that I am no expert on the subject, but in the interest of presenting all sides of issues related to the Haynesville Shale, I think it is important to consider and understand contrary opinions, especially on the subject of economic viability.

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