Thursday, August 20, 2009

More on Lobbying

I've been beating the non-existent lobbying effort by the natural gas industry on energy policy to death, but I can't help it. They have been asleep at the wheel and no less than the future of the industry is at stake right now. This is a make-or-break time for the natural gas industry.

There was a good piece in the Wall Street Journal on the subject (link should be good for seven days). Not a ton of new information but the article points out that the oxymoron "clean coal" research gets high billing. I'm all in favor of cleaning up coal, but the best way to do it is to stop burning it. "Clean coal" is a farce.

The natural gas folks underestimated the strength of the coal lobby. As natural gas lobbyists spread the "clean and abundant" message, I wonder if the coal folks will help gang up on foreign oil and get on the bandwagon to push natgas for transportation as a defensive move to keep gas out of the power plants. This is just my speculation, but we've seen strange bedfellows before.

The coal folks are fighting for their lives and are using every arrow in the quiver. Cost of coal vs. gas is the one they tend to focus on. But coal is going to be waging its own cost/supply battles in the years to come. Let's all say it, "PEAK COAL." I can't resist.

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