Monday, August 17, 2009

Make Way for the Shouting

It looks like the folks behind the anti-health care reform shouters have found a new calling: angry mob for hire. In this, the summer of such discontent, we have seen the death of civil debate, but wait, there's more! The fad of shouting and screaming by the misinformed mob is bound for its next destination, energy and climate legislation.

Fake grass roots groups are being formed now to rally, misinform and infuriate the troops to disrupt the climate and energy debate this fall. Let's only hope both sides are equally well funded so they can just shout at each other in front of eager cameramen outside the decision-making venues. Hopefully, unlike reality television, this angry, misinformed mob strategy just a fad political tactic that will just fade away quickly, leaving only the faint taste of burned rubber in our mouths.


Anonymous said...

I'm not a member of a mob. I'm not hired by anyone. I speak sanely and like to have a conversation. That being said, I don't like a condescending tone from anyone (including you) regarding the extreme frustration being felt by people around the country.
Leave it to some people to point fingers while dropping political hack points in their blog.

Robert Hutchinson said...

It is unfortunate that the sane conversation cannot be heard above the shouting.