Friday, August 28, 2009


Today, the Henry Hub spot price dropped a quarter (-9%) from yesterday to finish at $2.50.  Suddenly $3 sounds alright.   Have a nice weekend.


Ted said...


Read your own damn Widget before you post this sort of stuff>

Robert Hutchinson said...

It is true. Unfortunately the widget in the upper right hand corner shows the NYMEX futures price. In the post I was referencing the spot price, for which I haven't found an auto update device (which is why I started the manual ticker at the top of the page). In fact, it's a pretty hard number to track because traders care more about the futures prices.

I get the spot price from The Friday close was $2.50, down $0.25 (9.09%) from Thursday. Here is the link: It is the seventh line from the top.

Note that the Bloomberg futures price (line six) is a different price than that on the widget on this page because Bloomberg switched to the October contract on Thursday. As of this writing, the widget still shows the September contract.