Sunday, August 30, 2009

Barron's on NatGas Vehicles

There was a pretty good article in Barron's this weekend about natural gas vehicles (here is the link to the article, but it's useless unless you have a subscription - I'll work on finding another version).  Barron's, being geared towards stock market investing, spent the first half the article talking about the implications of the passage of the NAT GAS Act and the second half talking about stocks and investment strategies that might benefit from its passage.

The article makes the point that tax credits for purchase of natural gas vehicles might be better used by commercial fleet vehicles ($64K/vehicle) than regular autos ($12.5K/vehicle). It aslo points out the $100K tax credit for anyone opening a natgas filling station.  What it doesn't point out is that it would be relatively easy to open a natgas filling station because the distribution systems for natural gas are mostly in place in most metropolitan areas.

The article points out that, while there is only one CNG model available in the U.S. - the Honda Civic GX - there are a copule of dozen available overseas.  The article has a couple of links to learn more:

The article makes a lot of good points (all made before), but it's nice to see that natural gas as a vehicle fuel discussed in new (and well-read) venue.


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