Monday, July 6, 2009

Where is Petrohawk?

It seems that a few of the big Haynesville Shale players have gone radio silent of late. Perhaps the biggest void is Petrohawk. The company was always happy to tout new wells, but the last big news out of the company was two months ago when it increased capital spending. The Hawk seems unnaturally silent these days. What gives?


Anonymous said...

Wells too expensive. Impressive IPs but they drop like crazy.

Robert Hutchinson said...

But I know for a fact that they are still drilling new wells. They didn't used to be shy about reporting results, even if they weren't impressive.

Zman said...

We wrote up the XCO deal on 6/30 here:

A lot of folks are looking for that HK ops update, with both Haynesville and some bigger Eagle Ford wells any day now. Best, Zman