Thursday, July 9, 2009

Some Recent Louisiana Results

Here is a report of some recent Haynesville completions in North Louisiana:
  • Wallace 36-15-16 H, 1, Chesapeake: 9.8 Mmcf/day IP on 18/64 choke; Bethany-Longstreet field, Caddo Parish, S 36, T 15N R 16W, Haynesville Reservoir A
  • DN Bell Etux, 1, EOG Resources: 12.6 Mmcf/day IP on 30/64 choke; Trenton, DeSoto Parish, S 03, T 11N R 13W, Haynesville Reservoir A
  • Jack R Gamble Jr 11 H, 1, El Paso E&P Co.: 15.4 Mmcf/day IP on 18/64 choke; Bethany-Longstreet field, DeSoto Parish, S 11, T 13N R 15W, Haynesville Reservoir B
  • ERH LTD ETAL 25, 1, Petrohawk: 20.8 Mmcf/day IP on 26/64 choke; Red River-Bull Bayou, Red River Parish, S 25, T 13N R 11W, Haynesville Reservoir B

Impressive results keep coming.


Anonymous said...

Where do you find these results?

By the way, this is a great blog. Thanks for the hard work!

Robert Hutchinson said...

Thanks. These came from the Shreveport Times, which publishes filings from the LA DNR. This info is also on the DNR database. I'm going to make an effort to dig into the data more going forward. I just haven't had enough time. My mid-year resolution, I guess.