Thursday, July 30, 2009

Same Story, Different Verse

It's no secret that gas supplies are increasing. The question has become where do we store it all? Storage venues are nearly full and pipelines are "packing" gas (i.e. parking it temporarily). Bottom line: there's not much more room. On top of that, there is still the looming threat of unwanted LNG showing up on our shores because the U.S. has the largest gas supply network in the world. As noted before, several LNG ports planned to re-tool to turn the gas back around (...I need to check up on the status of that...), so the flood might only be a ripple.

The Wall Street Journal has a short article noting that if storage options run out there will be an involuntary curtailment of production. Hmmm. Hope for a heat wave or an early cold snap. Or best yet an economic turnaround!

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