Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Hawk Surfaces, If Only Briefly

After complaining about the silence from Petrohawk, I was excited to see a new presentation from the company today. I was disappointed when I realized it concerned the Eagle Ford Shale, a fairly new and impressive looking gas shale formation in south central Texas - as if Texas needed any more big gas fields! Petrohawk seems to have a good position in the Eagle Ford and they apparently want to claim it as theirs, much like Chesapeake gets credit for "discovering" the Haynesville Shale (is that like Al Gore and the Internet?).

Anyway, the one piece of information that I found relevant to the Haynesville Shale was a table comparing the geologic qualities of the two fields. There is a lot of geology here that I can't fully explain/understand, but looking at the stats side-by-side, it looks like there is a reasonably close similarity between the two.

To me, the big news continues to be that there is an abundant supply of natural gas in North America. It probably won't be long before we hear of another big find. It is becoming ever more apparent that we as a nation need to displace imported oil products (and dirty coal) with domestically produced, clean burning natural gas products. It's the way forward.

Here is a link to the presentation for you Eagle Ford Shale fans.

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