Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Goodrich Announces New Results

Goodrich Petroleum announced today that it has completed its third Texas Haynesville Shale horizontal well, the Taylor Sealey #3H. The well is located in Minden Field in Panola Co. and produced at an initial production rate of 9.3 MMcf per day (over a 24 hour period) on a 24/64 choke with 5,200 PSI. The well is located six miles south of the recently announced Lutheran Church 5H well (9.0 MMcf/day IP).

[8/5/09 update: The Taylor Sealey #3H produced at a rate of 6.5 MMcf/day for the first 30 days.]

Also in East Texas, Goodrich has drilled to total depth on two additional Haynesville wells, T. Swiley No. 4H in the Minden field and Beard Taylor No. 1H in the Beckville field.

Additionally, Goodrich has completed the following three wells in partnership with Chesapeake Energy in the Bethany-Longstreet field in Caddo and DeSoto Parishes, LA (some of these have already been noted):

  • Johnson 32H-1: 12.5 MMcf per day IP on an 18/64 inch choke with 7,800 psi
  • Wallace 36H-1: 15.4 MMcf per day on a 22/64 inch choke with 6,100 psi
  • Bryan 25H-1: 14.0 MMcf per day on a 22/64 inch choke with 4,000 psi.

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