Friday, June 26, 2009

El Paso: Update

El Paso, with approximately 42,500 acres, mostly in Louisiana, has quietly completed seven wells in the Haynesville Shale and is currently producing about 50MMcfe per day of natgas. The initial production (IP) rates for the seven wells are as follows in descending order:
  • Blake 10H #1 20.3 MMcfe/day
  • JR Gamble 11H #1: 17.8 MMcfe/day
  • Annette Green 22H #1: 16.2 MMcfe/day
  • Travis Lynch GU #4-H: 8.0 MMcfe/day
  • Hamilton 12H #1: 14.1 MMcfe/day
  • RF Gamble 24H #1: 14.6 MMcfe/day
  • Miller Land Co 10H #1: 4.5 MMcfe/day
Decline curves are shown below:

El Paso also touts its cycle time speed in getting from spud to completion, with four of the six fastest wells in Louisiana.

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